Send your returned mail to:

Attention Johnny Groves
7070 W. 43rd St. #104
Houston, TX 77092

Make sure you include your contact information in the package you send us so we know who you are.

Please include:

Company’s name
Company’s address
Billing email
Phone number

We will also use this information when we send you an invoice via email.

The process

After we get your Returned Mail, we will create an input file comprised of your returned mail leads.

We then will run those leads through our Skip Tracing Software and send you the results.

The cost

$2.25 per record for non-subscribers

$1.85 per record for subscribers on The Essentialist Plan

$1.35 per record for subscribers on The Perfectionist Plan

The turnaround time

We ask for 10 business days to finish processing your returned mail leads, but we often are able to get your search results back to you sooner.


We have a script that removes duplicates.

You will not be charged for duplicates.

However, we only remove exact duplicates.

So, for example, if you have the same name with a different address, our script will not recognize that as a duplicate record.

Property address vs Mailing address

A common question a lot of our clients ask us is if it’s better to search the property address or the mailing address when Skip Tracing pieces of returned mail.

We have found that we get the best results skipping the property address.

If skipping the property address doesn’t give you the results you want, then we can skip the mailing address.

When additional fees apply

Incurring additional fees will only happen if you request additional searches.

Additional fees will apply if you want us to:

Search the mailing address of a lead after we searched the property address

If you want your returned mail back

If you want us to send your returned mail back to you after we have processed it, then we’ll send it back to the mailing address you specify.