The Tracer

Search people and properties online

Find anyone with the right data

Skip Genie’s Tracer gives you access to the data you need to find homeowners. Our data is built with proprietary algorithms applied to a wide variety of sources. We track the information you need to track down homeowners, including:

Once you’ve identified your target, the Tracer lets you drill in with intense focus, until you find the person you’re looking for.

Built-in cross referencing

Need to know more? Skip Genie records are cross-referenced for your ease of use. Click an associated person or address, and run another report immediately for just one credit.

Skip Genie offers multiple ways to search

Person Report

A person report contans an individual’s associated addresses, phone numbers, and related individuals.

Property Report

Search an address and find associated people, their contact information, and their other properties.

Possible Relatives

Sometimes the owner has no means of contact. Skip Genie enables you to keep the lead alive by researching relatives.

Stop hunting. Start closing.