Refund Policy

We do NOT offer refunds under ANY circumstances. There are NO cancellation fees.

We also do not offer prorates, nor do we issue refunds for bad phone numbers.

If you cancel your subscription for whatever reason after your billing date you are not eligible for a refund for that last billing cycle.

You are welcome to try Skip Genie (free) to get a full view inside our application before subscribing.

We love it when our members close deals before even subscribing. Please make the most of your trial. One deal can pay for year(s) worth of skip tracing, easily.

If you any question regarding our software and/or services, please call us at (ph. 713.999.6266).

Once a paid member, our goal is help you best use our data to get deals. Get your REI skip tracing challenges addressed on our Wednesday Q/A coaching calls with co-founder Larry Higgins.

This simple refund policy enables us to provide members with excellent data at fair prices…without requiring long-term contracts. If $47 is bit steep right now, we totally understand – let’s not be hasty and jump the gun.

Let us help you with information for now, while your marketing budget ramps up.