We built this for our business a few years back — because we needed reliable/unfailing data. We are sniper type investors — so every deal we lock-into is super important.

Therefore, we cannot rely on “the numbers game, hit-n-miss, law of averages” data.
Our model doesn’t work unless we have the most inclusive and up to date data set available.

Our plans & pricing can be seen by here:


You can learn about how our returned mail program works and how much it cost per piece here:

Bulk Search

Many investors agree we set the standard for REI skip tracing a few years back.  With the new release of SG 3.0, you can say we’ve raised the B.A.R. yet again.
We are confident that if you can’t find what you need in our software, you’re probably out of luck anywhere else. As a subscriber, you’ll enjoy Breadth of coverage, Accuracy and Recency of credit-grade data.

If any provider quotes a specific percentage, please inquire their method of study. That percentage would vary wildly depending on the variables measured. Skip the genie says…our magical offer gives real estate investors the best overall probability of skip tracing success.

Our weekly coaching call takes place every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Central Time. An email with all the call details is sent every Wednesday to our clients as a friendly reminder.

Our calling scripts were created by an REI sales professional for real estate professionals.

These scripts are for paid clients only.

If you subscribe to any of Skip Genie’s plans, just send an email to [email protected] and request our calling scripts. We will promptly send them to your inbox.

The primary differences between Essentialist vs. Unlimited plans:

  1. Membership = $47 vs $99
  2. Price per search credit = $1.50 vs $19 cents (for bulk lists) 
  3. Bulk Processing = Submit once a week vs. Unlimited Submissions
  4. Return mail skip tracing = $1.85 vs $1.35 (ship us your mail pieces)

Paying for searches in your Skip Genie dashboard is easy. First login to your Skip Genie dashboard and then follow the steps below:

  • Click subscription in the menu on the left
  • Click “Purchase Searches”
  • Enter the amount of searches you need to purchase
  • Click the Purchase Searches button
  • Click Ok in the confirmation box

For Unlimited users…you can submit a bulk list in your dashboard and our system will calculate how many searches you need to purchase at 19 cents a record and prompt you for payment. After you confirm payment, the card that you have on file will be charged.

A basic search is when the data we provide brings back information about the homeowner only (this type of search doesn’t include the homeowners relatives).

We offer 2 plans: The Unlimited Plan & The Essentialist Plan.

The Essentialist Plan locks in the rate of $1.50 per search.

The Unlimited Plan locks locks in the rate of 19 cents a search for bulk lists (there is no additional cost for individual searches as they are unlimited).

Regardless of what plan you’re on,  a search costs 1 credit.

Bulk processing is when you send us a list with multiple leads on it for us to run for you at once. Your bulk list could range from 10 leads to 1,000’s of leads. Our powerful and accurate skip tracing software is able to run huge lists and we will get the results back to you within 48 hours. The cost per lead during bulk processing is currently 19 cents per record.

The dashboard is the term we use to refer to the user interface our clients login to in order to search for homeowner’s phone numbers. You can login to your dashboard anytime you want and do searches.

If you are on our new “Unlimited” plan, you can do unlimited individual searches in your dashboard (bulk lists can also be submitted at 19 cents per record). Also, when submitting a bulk list, you can submit an unlimited amount of searches for 19 cents per record.

We do NOT offer refunds under ANY circumstances. This simple no refund policy enables us to provide members with excellent service and data at fair prices…without requiring a setup fee or long-term contracts. If you are on the fence about investing a small fee into skip tracing right now, we totally understand – let’s not be hasty and jump the gun. Let us help acclimate you with information for now, while your marketing budget ramps up. We have plenty of free information on skipping for dollars blog.

No, if you don’t want to be charged again simply cancel your membership so that you will not be billed.

First login to your account. Click “subscription” on the left. Click, “cancel”. Click the confirmation box.

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Em: [email protected]

Yes, we limit each Unlimited Account to one IP address. However, we understand that some of our clients work from a home location and a office location. Just let us know what your needs are and we will be happy to accommodate you if your request is within the scope of normal business operations.

Our cheapest cost per record via the Unlimited Plan is 19 cents a record. However, if you submit a bulk list of 500 leads or more, we will give you the rate of just 13 cents per record.

No, we do not store CC information in our databases (only our online merchant has it) so if you have someone on your team login to your account to do searches, you can be rest assured that your CC information is secure and kept private.

Yes, we rank phone numbers in order of probability.

We provide credit bureau grade data, so we use a much higher grade data than public records to provide information to investors about home owners.

No matter how high the grade of data is you’re using, there will inevitably be occasions when you can’t find a good number for a homeowner. In these instances, you can do searches on the homeowner’s relatives and reach out to their relatives about the property you’re trying to buy.

Many people who are in financially distressful situations frequently change their phone numbers to avoid creditors. Of course, sometimes people submit on file phone numbers of people they are merely associated with instead of their actual phone number. Sometimes, a person may even have submitted incorrect information. 

We cannot and do not offer legal advice re: the DNC list. However, we do have a phone number scrubbing feature that will scrub phone numbers against state, national, and litigation DNC lists. You are not required by us to scrub your phone numbers against DNC list, but this is an option you have in our system with both individual and bulk searches.

We do have a phone connectivity and caller ID scrub available in our system that you can use to scrub each of your phone numbers to tell you if that particular phone number is connected and who that phone number belongs to. This feature is fantastic for saving dial time!

Smart Credits are credits (consisting of DNC & Caller ID scrubs) that you can purchase to improve your skip tracing & cold calling endeavors. Each Smart Credit only costs 2 cents and you are charged one Smart Credit per each phone number. We do not require that you purchase Smart Credits, but we do highly recommend making this small investment in order to enhance your marketing.

We provide up to 10 phone numbers for each lead/search that are ranked in probability.

Yes, on one of our bulk outputs (the HORIZ), we provide a configuration of cell numbers only that are ranked in probability.

Yes, our data will tell you which phone numbers are landlines and which phone numbers are mobiles.

Yes, we do provide possible email addresses with each search you do.

While we don’t automatically give you each relative’s contact information, we do bring up the names of relatives & likely associates of the person you’re searching for to make it easy to search for information about a homeowner’s relatives (this really helps if the owner is deceased, if you need to find missing heirs, or if you weren’t able to get a good phone number for the owner you’re searching for). If you search for a homeowner’s relatives or likely associates, this will cost another search credit because it’s another search.

Yes, we do monitor accounts to deter bots & fraudulent use. 

Still have questions?

If you’re still a little fuzzy on any of this skip tracing stuff, or just want to chat, send us a message!