2Give us lists, get detailed reports back within one business day

Spend less time on data entry, and more time chasing deals.

Leave the exciting stuff to us! 🙂 Skip Genie’s bulk skip trace service is already included in your monthly subscription. Let us turn your valuable leads into intel-rich person reports, so you can begin working them quickly and efficiently.
What do I need to bulk skip trace?

Simply download our bulk submit template, input your leads, and upload list via your member dashboard. Your skips results will be available within 48 hrs!

Pricing is the same as typical membership rates.

Most people don’t realize this, but those stacks of returned mail that never reached the homeowners is one of the best sources of high-value skips. Why?
  • If nobody is checking the mail, the owners are almost certainly not invested in the property.
  • All the investors trying to reach them with direct mail aren’t even getting through.
Just send us your big box of returned/undeliverable mailers, and our skip technician will handle the rest!
Stop hunting. Start closing.