What If A Home Seller Goes Dark On You?

There are a lot of reasons why home sellers may go dark on you, but the two main reasons are they get preoccupied with something or they lose interest.

After they’ve gone dark, it’s really important to be able to get their attention again.

Following up with them with phone calls, text message blast, and emails is important, but if a home seller has gone dark on you they aren’t responding no matter what you send or how many times you send it.

Below is one simple message that you can send to get home sellers who have gone dark to reply to (we’ve had some good success with it):

“Hey John Doe, I need to get the check to you…give me a call”.

You’d be surprised how easily this simple message will get the home seller engaged again!

They will usually reply with something like,

“What check?”

“The check for buying your house!”, you reply.

The good thing about using this simple message is that it’s entirely true. You are trying to give them a check for buying their house.

(Of course, in order to be able to leave a home owner this type of message, you need to rei skip trace the home owner first).

Money talks, so when you make it clear you have a check you’re trying to get to the home seller you’re sending the message that you have the ability to put money in their pockets and mean business.