Introduction to Texting Homeowners

More and more often we are getting responses from leads that we’ve already called several times after we text them. If they don’t answer our voicemail, or if we get a phone number with a full mailbox, then we follow up with a text message. A lot of our leads who didn’t reply to our phone calls are answering our text messages. This has been happening so much that we have decided in the future to officially measure what the number is of people who reply to our text messages.

Why do people answer texts and not phone calls?

The main reasons why people don’t answer your phone calls is because they don’t recognize your phone number. It’s pretty common for people to send calls to their voicemail when they don’t recognize the number calling them. Another reason why a person would respond to a text message and not a phone call would be if their voicemail box was full or not set up when we called. When you send a text message that clearly conveys your interest in a property the homeowner owns, the homeowner knows why you’re trying to contact them, and it’s easy for them to get back to you to let you know if they’re interested in selling or not. People not answering your phone calls is just a part of rei skip tracing.


What about text blasting?


Sending text blasts enables you to send text messages to multiple leads at once. It’s important for whatever software or app you use to send text blasts to have a mail merge feature. This way each one of your text messages will look unique and not spammy. A mail merge feature will make each person’s name and address unique in each text you send.

Can you recommend any text blasting services?


Sure, two text blasting services we’d recommend are below:


Text Magic


Is text messaging legal?


While we cannot and do not offer legal advice, we can say that as long as a text message we send isn’t spammy that we are comfortable sending it. If you start sending leads text messages, make sure you check the TCPA to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules in your area.


Text messaging is a topic that often comes up during our weekly coaching calls. If you’re interested in learning how to integrate text messaging into your cold calling system, click here to view our plans and pricing. After you sign up, you’ll be automatically added to our list of clients who can participate in our weekly coaching calls, and you can learn more about the success some of our clients are having with sending text messages and the technology that they are using to send them.