Powerful Tip On Following Up With Elusive Home sellers

What do you do if a home seller ignores your direct mail and won’t answer the phone when you call? Better yet…let’s say you knock on the door and they still won’t answer you, but you’re almost sure they are living at the property…

If you’ve done everything you can do to contact home seller and they haven’t responded, make sure you send them a contract.

A lot of your competitors are mailing the same properties that you’re mailing, but not all of them will take the extra step of sending the home seller a contract after they’ve mailed and called.

If the property you are trying to acquire is a really sweet deal and you still don’t get a response after you send the home seller a contract, then send them another contract as a follow up.

We have gotten deals when the home seller ignored all of our marketing materials, phone calls, and they pretended not to be at the property when we dropped by to talk to them about making an offer, BUT they didn’t ignore the contract we sent them and that is what led to us getting the deal!

So, if you did your due diligence and rei skip trace the homeowner and still were unable to contact them, make sure you follow up by sending contracts.

In our competitive market every little extra bit of work you do can go a long way. Taking the extra step of sending the homeowner a contract can make the difference between getting a good deal and not getting a good deal.