What Should You Do If You’re Unable To Reach The Homeowner?

If you have skip traced a homeowner and still are unable to reach them, we highly recommend that you pull a relationship report. Here at Skip Genie, relationship reports (the phone numbers of the relatives & likely associates of the homeowner) are WAY underutilized, but they can be so important that they can literally make the difference between getting a deal and not getting a deal.

When should you pull relationship reports?

  • Every time you call the homeowner you get a full mailbox
  • You get sent to voicemail every time you call the homeowner
  • The homeowner doesn’t get back to you after you’ve left a voicemail and sent them a text message
  • You couldn’t get a working phone number for the homeowner
  • The homeowner is deceased

If you are trying to acquire a property with a lot of equity in it, then you shouldn’t hesitate to pull full reports on the homeowner’s relatives so that you can keep making calls until someone gets you in touch with who is in control of that property so that you can make an offer.

Why relationship reports are neglected

The reason why relationship reports are neglected in real estate skip tracing so much is because there is an extra cost in pulling them, but because these reports can literally be the difference between success and failure, they’re worth every penny.

What usually happens when you call a homeowner’s relatives?

When you start calling the relatives of the homeowner and begin telling them why you’re calling and what property you’re interested in, their relatives will usually contact the homeowner for you and give them your contact information so that they can get back to you. The homeowner may send you a text message, or they may call you back on the phone. Even if they tell you that they are not interested in selling the property, at least you can cross that property off your list and focus your energy elsewhere.

Use relationship reports to leverage competition

It’s also important to keep in mind how much competition there is for each and every property you want. Lots of investors are trying to acquire the same properties, but many of them are not pulling relationship reports when they can’t get in touch with the homeowner. This means if you pull relationship reports, you’re going an extra step beyond most of your competitors – which gives you a HUGE advantage.

Relationship reports are easy with Skip Genie

Skip Genie makes pulling relationship reports as easy as pushing a button (literally). Our software is by far the easiest and fastest way available to get phone numbers for a homeowners relatives. In fact, we have even developed calling scripts that were created by an REI sales professional for REI professionals. These scripts also specifically tell you what to say when you are talking to the relatives of a homeowner, so we’ve made the process of contacting the relatives of any homeowner as easy and painless as possible.

Pull relationship reports consistently

You may have a lot of leads you’ve been trying to contact but can’t get ahold of the person you need to speak to so that you can close the deal. Why not make a list of these properties and run relationship reports on the homeowners so that you can increase and multiply the likelihood of getting in touch with the person you need to speak with so that you can collect some more assignment fees?

If you’re serious about using skip tracing to close more deals, you should make relationship reports a consistent part of your business. This means that every time you run a list with us and discover the homeowner is deceased, you should take an extra step and get the phone numbers of the deceased homeowners relatives.

Skip tracing for real estate

If you haven’t subscribed to Skip Genie yet and are interested in making skip tracing a part of your marketing, click here to see our plans and pricing. If you take skip tracing seriously and cover all of the bases, it’s not a matter of if you’ll close more deals, it’s a matter of when.