Skip Tracing Software for Real Estate Professionals
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As many of you know, we provide skip tracing services here at Skip Genie. The data we provide is accurate and tailored for investors, but our ability to process bulk lists of 100’s or 1000s of leads at once and provide it back to you in a usable format for automation is a service no other provider offers that we are aware of.

By automation we mean you could send us list of thousands of leads one day, and we process it and return it to you within 24-48hrs and you can immediately plug
it into some type of user friendly autodialer or text program and send a voicemail drop or text message to thousands of people. Or you could upload the list and have a live caller call everything on it. That’s a lot faster than mail, and it is starting to
become the new trend as direct mail becomes more and more saturated.

Our data-set

The data we provide includes:

  • Address History
  • Alive/Deceased Status – HUGE INDICATOR – basically think of it as an “invisible estate” if they are deceased
  • Age – A detail you need to pay attention to — we can explain why if we ever talk during our coaching calls
  • All known possible email addresses
  • All known possible phone numbers (including cell phones. Phone numbers and/or emails also allow you to target people on Facebook)
  • Likely relatives are listed (this is important when the owner shows as deceased)
  • Financial Stress indicators – Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments – helps prioritize even more

But the data is just a small aspect of what we provide. Knowing what to do with the data is what’s most important and where we set ourselves apart from any other
service. So, we give our subscribers all kinds of free coaching and guidance on how to make the most of the data regardless of your level of experience or marketing strategies.

Even people who have access to upper tier providers and skip trace a lot of leads are guilty of vastly underutilizing the data as a tool to filter for and basically
“cherry pick” great deals. I can’t guarantee you how often you will find them, but I know you can if you know what to look for.

You can’t skip trace everything

What’s key for newer investors who absolutely have to get the best return on their marketing dollars, we can help you prioritize what leads you pursue and to be
as efficient as possible in your skip tracing. You can’t skip trace everything, so you need to be extremely selective in what you decide to pursue, and be able to prioritize that according to different indicators we can teach you….i.e vacant, deceased owner (not probate), and some other forms of distress. For example, if you have a list of 100 or 200 confirmed vacant properties, we’ll show you how to pick the top 20 to start with and why they are priority.

Skip trace your returned mail

We also teach you different strategies of getting in contact with hard to find owners or the heirs of deceased owners and can provide scripts for your calls to
different types of leads.

If you do a lot of direct mail and you have more returned mail than you can process, you can just ship it to us and we can process it and skip trace it for you
and send you the results. This is another service no other provider offers that we are aware of. It’s still amazing to me how many investors don’t skip trace their return mail, even when they know they should.

You can read about our returned mail program by visiting the link below:

What to do with your returned mail

Weekly Coaching

We offer a weekly coaching call for basically any and all questions that anyone thinks we can help with. Whether it’s a specific question about what to do with
a deceased owner with no apparent heirs, or questions about overall strategy, we’ll be more than happy to discuss. This should be a great give and take that we could all learn from.

Pricing and packages

Our pricing ranges from $1.25 a search to $0.95 cents a search. It depends upon which plan you choose. We have two plans called the Essentialist and the Perfectionist
plan. You can read more about our plans by visiting the link below:

Start Skip Tracing now

If we process your returned mail in bulk, the price ranges from $1.85 a piece for the Essentialist Plan to $1.30 a piece for the Perfectionist Plan.

There are no long term contracts so you can cancel anytime. There are also no background checks, on-site inspections, interviews, or applications.

Good for novices and experts alike

So whether you’re relatively new and driving for dollars, or done a 1000 deals, I’m confident we can help you get more deals one way or another. Our goal is to
help you get a deal as quickly as possible and we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen. We know you have to get results if we have any chance of keeping you as our customer.