Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast
2017 Nov 20 By admin 0 comment

The name, “Mitch Stevens” is a big name in real estate, and our co-founder Larry Higgins had the privilege of being mentored by Mitch when he first got into the business.

Mitch and Larry recently did a podcast about bulk skip tracing for real estate.

In this podcast a lot of interesting topics are covered:

  • Pitfalls involved with direct mail
  • Why skip tracing is the best way to touch home sellers
  • Bulk skip tracing and how it saves you time
  • Building rapport with home sellers over the phone
  • Making skip tracing as your #1 prospecting method
  • Multiple ways to reach homeowners through skip tracing
  • Why hard-to-find sellers should move to the top of your list
  • Why sending contracts in the mail is important

Larry also talks with Mitch about the days back when he first got started in real estate and how he learned to transform his returned mail pieces into opportunities.

Listen to the podcast

Getting in contact with the home seller is the most important part of any deal, and in this podcast it is clearly explained why direct mail isn’t the best marketing medium to reach home sellers. Not only are at least a dozen investors mailing the same properties as you are, but there isn’t anything apart from luck (winning the yellow lottery) that would cause the home seller to get back to you so that you could make an offer on their property.

This podcast is a real eye-opener…..

Hope you enjoy!