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Larry Higgins started in real estate just like anybody else: Bandit signs, direct mail, things like  that, but after discovering the pitfalls involved with using direct mail, he developed a unique skip tracing system that would take skip tracing for real estate to the next level.

He recently did a podcast with Cory Boatright where he talks about this system he developed along with how he learned to overcome some of the obstacles that are involved with skip tracing.

Listen to the podcast

In this informative podcast Larry talks about:

  • Estates that fly under the radar
  • Property distress signals
  • Inherited properties
  • Vacants
  • Tips to be a better skip tracer
  • The #1 problem with direct mail
  • What to do with you returned mail
  • Doing text blasts

Skip tracing the right way

There is a lot that goes into skip tracing besides the report, and skip tracing gives you opportunities that direct mail can’t. Using skip tracing to go after targeted properties with high equity will increase your bottom line as you continue to work smarter, not harder.

Everyone mentions skip tracing in passing, but few people are doing it to its maximum capacity. They don’t skip trace their returned mail pieces, they don’t run full relationship reports on deceased homeowners so that they can call the deceased’s relatives, and they aren’t using a skip tracing service that quickly reveals to them property distress signals.

Weekly coaching calls

Even though skip tracing is hands-down the best way to get ahold of hard-to-reach home sellers, it still doesn’t eliminate a lot of the problems that can be involved with closing the deal. This is where our weekly coaching calls come in. We want our clients to close more deals, and you WILL encounter unique obstacles while you’re skip tracing. This is why every week we hold weekly coaching calls to paid clients so that they will have the resources available to overcome the obstacles they will encounter while they’re dialing for dollars.

Skip tracing is underutilized

Even though Skip tracing is the best path to take when contacting home sellers, it is currently one of the most underutilized tools in our business. Essentially, Skip Genie is a piece of software that was built by investors for investors, and it’s the perfect tool for investors who are interested in integrating skip tracing into their marketing.

Listen to the podcast

If you are interested in receiving the technology and the coaching that will make you a formidable skip tracer in today’s competitive market, click here to get started finding home sellers through Skip Genie. Our Perfectionist Plan has just lowered the cost per search to just $.95 cents, and unlike many other data providers, we have no contracts, hidden fees, or compliance hassles.