How to Make Money off your Returned Mail
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Direct mail isn’t what is used to be in our
business. In fact, too many investors are mailing the same properties and experiencing a diminishing ROI. Besides, what makes your mail stand out from your competitions mail pieces? Not too much……

Winning The Yellow Lottery

When you close a deal from direct mail, it’s like winning The Yellow Lottery. You might have won the yellow lottery a few times before, but by integrating a solid skip tracing protocol with your direct mail campaigns you have the opportunity to make WAY more money because your taking extra steps that your competitors aren’t taking to close deals.

A vacant property is a big distress indicator, but mailing a vacant property doesn’t bring you any closer to getting that property under contract because no one is living there to receive your mail.

You may not have known this, but every time the post office stamps a piece of your mail vacant or deceased, they are doing you a huge favor.

Your returned mail pieces are what tell you what properties on your list are vacants, so whatever you do don’t throw away your returned mail pieces!

The Process

These are the simple steps that need to be taken to transform your returned mail into solid gold:

Step 1:

Send us your returned mail pieces and our
staff will use them to create a file that is formatted for our Skip Genie software.

Step 2:

We run your file through our software to
skip trace the homeowners of all your vacant properties.

Step 3:

We send you your search results along with
a link to schedule a call with one of us to go over your search results with you to help you prioritize your list so you know what your hottest leads are with the most distressed property indicators.

Step 4:
(Not required but highly recommended)

Have us run additional full relationship
reports on all of the deceased homeowners on your list so that you can contact the relatives of the deceased to find out who is in control of the property you want to acquire.

Step 5

Dail, dial, and keep dialing until somebody
gets you in touch with the property owners!

What does it cost?

The price per piece of returned mail is $1.85
a piece for subscribers to our Essentialist Plan. Clients who are subscribed to our Perfectionist Plan get the locked-in rate of just $1.30 per piece.

If you haven’t subscribed to one of our plans
yet and would like to learn more, visit the link below to sign-up and begin the process of transforming your returned mail into gold now:

Subscribe to Skip Genie

For additional information about our returned
mail program, along with instructions on where to send your returned mail pieces, visit the link below:

What to do with returned mail

Direct mail isn’t cheap. You should take every step necessary to increase your ROI.

Our software Skip Genie is literally the best tool available to help you transform your returned mail pieces into gold. Not only do we provide you with accurate data, we also offer each one of our clients our guidance and expertise.

Our primary goal is to help more people close more deals!