Frequently Asked Questions
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Why did we create Skip Genie?

We built this for our business a few years back — because we needed reliable/unfailing data. We are sniper type investors — so every deal we lock-into is super important.
Therefore, we cannot rely on “the numbers game, hit-n-miss, law of averages” data.
Our model doesn’t work unless we have the most inclusive and up to date data set available.

How much does Skip Genie cost?

Our plans & pricing can be seen by visiting the link below:

What is your returned mail program & how much is it?

You can learn about how our returned mail program works and how much it cost per piece by visiting the link below:

How accurate is our data?

Our data is either equally as good or better than what any other provider offers.

What is Skip Genie’s percentage of good phone numbers?

Anyone who tells you a specific percentage for good phone numbers probably isn’t being honest (too many variables to factor in).
We are confident that if you can’t find contact info for people in our software you’re probably out of luck anywhere else.

When is the weekly coaching call with Larry Higgins?

Our weekly coaching call takes place every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Central Time. An email with all the call details is sent every Wednesday to our clients as a friendly reminder.

How can I get your calling scripts?

Our calling scripts were created by an REI sales professional for real estate professionals.

These scripts are for paid clients only.

If you subscribe to any of Skip Genie’s plans, just send an email to and request our calling scripts. We will promptly send them to your inbox.

What are the differences between your 2 plans?

The primary differences between Essentialist vs. Perfectionist plans:
1. Membership = $47 vs $97
2. Price per search credit = $1.50 vs $0.95
3. Bulk Processing = Submit once a week vs. Unlimited Submissions
4. Return mail skip tracing = $1.85 vs $1.35 (ship us your mail pieces)

How do I pay for searches?

Paying for searches in your Skip Genie dashboard is easy. Click subscription in the menu on the left

To pay for searches, first login to your Skip Genie dashboard and then follow the steps below:

  • Click subscription in the menu on the left
  • Click “Purchase Searches
  • Enter the amount of searches you need to purchase
  • Click the Purchase Searches button
  • Click Ok in the confirmation box 
Also, before you submit bulk lists to us to run, please first 
purchase the amount of searches you need in your dashboard
by following the steps above.
Any unused searches will remain in your dashboard for later use.

How much does each basic report cost?

A basic search is when the data we provide brings back information about the homeowner only (this type of search doesn’t include the homeowners relatives).

We offer 2 plans: The Essentialist Plan & The Perfectionist Plan.

The Essentialist Plan locks in the rate of $1.50 per search.

The Perfectionist Plan locks locks in the rate of .95 cents a search.

Regardless of what plan you’re on, a basic search costs 1 credit.

How much does a full relationship report cost?

Relationship reports give you the phone numbers of the homeowners relatives.

This extensive report costs 3 credits.

So, a full relationship report under The Essentialist Plan costs $4.50.

If you’re on The Perfectionist Plan, a full relationship report will cost you $2.85.

These reports are extremely cheap when you compare these nominal costs with getting more deals as a result of running these reports.

Why would I need to run a full relationship report?

If you have a vacant property with a deceased homeowner that you are trying to acquire, we recommend running  a relationship report on the deceased homeowner’s relatives to that you can call the relatives of the deceased until someone gets you in touch with who is controlling that property.

Even if the homeowner is alive, there will be times when you won’t be sure if you’ve got a good number for them (maybe their voicemail is full or the phone just rings and rings with no one answering). If you can’t get ahold of the homeowner for whatever reason, pulling a full relationship report is highly recommended.

What do you mean by bulk processing?

Bulk processing is when you send us a list with multiple leads on it for us to run for you at once. Your bulk list could range from 10 leads to 1,000’s of leads. Our powerful and accurate skip tracing software is able to run huge lists and we will get the results back to you within 48 hours. The cost per lead during bulk processing is the same as the cost per search when you’re searching in the dashboard.

What is the Skip Genie dashboard?

The dashboard is the term we use to refer to the user interface our clients login to in order to search for homeowner’s phone numbers. You can login to your dashboard anytime you want and do searches.

What do you mean by UNLIMITED Submissions for The Perfectionist Plan?

When we run large lists of leads to skip trace for our clients, we are using our staff to run these lists. The Essentialist Plan allows the client to submit one bulk list a week, but clients subscribed to The Perfectionist Plan can submit as many bulk lists as they want…that is what we mean by “Unlimited”. We are not implying that the client has an unlimited amount of searches that they can search for by submitting a bulk list and not pay for those searches. The cost per search applies to both searches done in the dashboard and searches submitted through a bulk list.

What is your refund policy?

We do NOT offer refunds under ANY circumstances. There are NO cancellation fees.

You are welcome to try Skip Genie (free) to get a full view inside our application before subscribing.

We love it when our members close deals before even subscribing. Please make the most of your trial. One deal can pay for year(s) worth of skip tracing, easily.

If you any question regarding our software and/or services, please call us at (ph. 713.999.6266).

Once a paid member, our goal is help you best use our data to get deals. Get your REI skip tracing challenges addressed on our Wednesday Q/A coaching calls with co-founder Larry Higgins.

This simple refund policy enables us to provide members with excellent data at fair prices…without requiring long-term contracts. If $47 is bit steep right now, we totally understand – let’s not be hasty and jump the gun.

Let us help you with information for now, while your marketing budget ramps up.

How do we get in touch with Skip Genie?

Skip Genie
7070 West 43rd #205
Houston, Texas 77092
Ph: 713.999.6266