Paul W.
2017 Nov 14 By admin 0 comment

First, let me say that Skip Genie has performed above and beyond what I ever expected from a program that looks and functions so simply. I have used Skip Genie on multiple deals now and every time the results are PERFECT! The phone numbers, names, addresses, and relatives that the program returns have been spot on, my response rate has been 100%! The ability to see the relatives of individuals who are deceased is priceless. I called the number Skip Genie returned for the daughter of a gentleman that passed away, she picked up immediately and agreed to meet with…

Nikia W.
2017 Nov 14 By admin 0 comment

Great news, I was able to make contact with a family member that put me in contact with a seller today! It was simple and he was very nice. Although he does not want to sell right now I got a hold of the seller of a fire damaged house I have been eyeing for about 6 months! Thanks so much! Thank you and have a great day.

Darryl W.
2017 Nov 10 By admin 0 comment

I skip traced about 23 properties in Alexandria Virginia last month. I received the skip within 12 hours of submitting them. Not only that, I was able to contract 4 properties within the last 25 days for a total wholesale profit of 96K and all properties will be development properties! I’ve partnered with the buyer to shadow him and his GC to learn the construction process and will continue to wholesale to this Developer! A small $100 investment will have far proceeded my expectations and I didn’t have to go through the hassle of having my office inspected, etc like other Skip Tracing companies!…

Christopher S.
2017 Nov 09 By admin 0 comment

Skip Genie has been a great resource getting in touch with motivated sellers. I will close my first deal soon, as a result of Skip Genie.

Ralph S.
2017 Nov 09 By admin 0 comment

I saw a house basically falling down. It was obviously vacant and no number could reach the owner. After using Skip genie and receiving all the information that their search provided. On my first ring I got in touch with the father of the owner. The owner as it turned out works off shore and cannot get phones. This is a Whale of a deal and thanks to Skip Genie I’m a step closer to landing it.

Greg H.
2017 Nov 08 By admin 0 comment

Skip Genie Is a great company. I had a property I had get into contract and if it was not for them I wouldn’t have got the one cell phone number that I needed which happened to be the sellers direct cell phone number. Excellent data at an excellent price. If you are in the real estate investment game and you are not utilizing Skip tracing, you are missing out on some opportunities.

Jesus T.
2017 Oct 20 By admin 0 comment

Hi Larry, my first test was very successful! I couldn’t find a guy anywhere, and I found him on skip genie.

Susan C.
2017 Aug 02 By admin 0 comment

Your data is so spot on. You have information about me that, I’d forgotten myself. This is way easier to use, way better than Lexis Nexis