5 Ways To Deal With Your Returned Mail
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Even though Larry Higgins no longer does direct mail, he once went down that path. Before he knew it he had around 150 pieces of returned mail. He had heard how returned mail was like gold, and he was told that he should skip trace his mail pieces, but no one really went into  depth about it. This article discusses 5 ways you can deal with your returned mail pieces.


Prioritize your returned mail leads

You should prioritize your returned mail pieces by creating a list of properties with the most distress signals and equity. This way you spend your time pursuing the owners of the properties that give you the best deals. Just because you get a piece of returned mail from one of the properties on your list, this doesn’t always mean that you should spend time and money trying to acquire it. For example, if the house doesn’t have any equity in it, then it’s better to spend your time elsewhere.


Get a good skip tracing service

All skip tracing services are not created equal. Lower tier skip tracing services can be very enticing because of their low prices, but you get what you pay for. If you’re going to close deals from skip tracing, having good data as a starting point is necessary. You need to know if the person you’re trying to call is deceased, and you need to be able to get good numbers for homesellers consistently. Lower tier services don’t have accurate and up-to-date data, and you simply cannot afford to waste your time on them if you’re serious about using skip tracing to close deals.


Call the home owners relatives

Let’s say you skip trace a piece of your returned mail and find out that the homeowner is deceased. If the homeowner is deceased you shouldn’t hesitate to pull a report on their relatives so that you can keep calling until somebody gets you in touch with the person who is in control of that property.

There will also be times when you don’t know if you’ve got a good number or not. For instance, you may be calling a number that rings and rings or that has a full mailbox. In these situations you never know if the number you’re calling is good or not, so why hesitate on pulling a report on the homeowner’s relatives? If for whatever reason you are unable to get ahold of the homeowner, you should begin calling their relatives and you should keep calling until you find out if they want to sell and if you can make an offer and get that property under contract.


Send text messages to mobile phones

Sometimes people won’t answer the phone because they don’t recognize the phone number that is calling them. We have had a lot of success with text messages. In fact, several high margin deals we have closed were the result of sending text messages after we were unable to contact the homeowner through a phone call because they wouldn’t answer the phone. Text messaging enables you to communicate the purpose of your call in a clear and concise manner so that the person you’ve been calling has a chance to send you a text message back and open a line of communication between you and the homeowner.


Bulk skip tracing, text blasts, and voicemail broadcasts

Say you have 500 returned mail pieces. It would take a lot of time skip tracing each piece one by one, so why not submit all 500 pieces of returned mail for bulk skip tracing? This saves time and it also saves money because you don’t need to pay a VA to manually skip trace each piece. After you get your search results from a bulk skip trace, you could call or text each phone number one by one, or you could send a text blast or voicemail broadcast to the entire list you bulk skip traced. Text blasts and voicemail broadcast are quick and efficient ways to get ahold of multiple homeowners at the same time. This way you can increase the speed that you move through your list, easily opening a dialogue between you and the homeowners who have responded to your broadcast.


Weekly coaching calls

There are lots of little tricks involved with skip tracing returned mail that help you overcome the obstacles that are involved with closing high-margin deals that are so difficult to close that your competitors have no choice but to give up on them. This is why here at Skip Genie we offer weekly coaching calls to our paid clients so that we can share with them what we have learned over the years through trial and error.

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